2021: Understanding The Eye

2021: Understanding The Eye

Topics regarding the eye can be confusing and sometimes scary. At Tennessee Retina we are committed to make sure you are as educated and comfortable as possible when it comes to your vision and your visit. That's why our focus for 2021 is "Understanding the Eye."

We want to help you by providing the necessary information and terminology for various retina conditions, genetics, commonly asked clinical questions, and healthy living tips, all in hopes of easing your mind and improving your overall quality of life.

Our monthly FAQ feature will come from your suggestions!

Share your suggestions with us on Facebook about what you want to know, or visit our FAQ submission form!

"What brought me to Dr. Reichstein was two detached retinas, multiple holes and tears in my retinas. From the moment he came into the room he was very calm, kind, gentle and he listened to my symptoms. He, also, has an awesome sense of humor. By far, the best Doctor I have ever been to."

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