Date: 26/03/2019
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3 Tennessee Retina Doctors Named Top 150 Retina Innovators!

We are honored that Ocular Surgery News named 3 of our physicians in their top 150 Retina Innovators in the world!

"What is OSN's Retina 150? The OSN Retina 150 is a select group of retina specialists the editors and publisher have identified as leading innovators in the field of medical and surgical retina. The list is a compilation of specialists who either work to educate their colleagues or innovate by developing novel technologies and techniques to advance the specialty."

We congratulate Carl C. Awh, MD, Brandon Busbee, MD, and Franco M. Recchia, MD.

You can see the list and read the full article here: OSN's Retina 150

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"Love (Dr. Recchia)! All the staff has been wonderful to us, every visit.  It's like seeing friends with extra knowledge...some of the best Healthcare people I've ever met!"


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