Thursday, 8 January 2015
Using Genetics to Fight Cancer

Tennessee Retina's own, Dr. David Reichstein, performs a specialized biopsy to aid in the management of uveal melanoma. The biopsy samples genetic material within the tumor and can provide information about the tumor's aggressiveness. The resultant genetic analysis can provide a prediction of the likelihood of the cancer to spread into other areas of the body. "Genetic analysis can actually give a more accurate prediction of metastatic potential than the tumor characteristics themselves," says Dr. Reichstein. Biopsy for genetic analysis can be done as an outpatient procedure and is performed along with radiation treatment of the tumor.


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"Dr. Recchia was super! He greeted me (the mom) when he entered the room and then, greeted my 13 year old daughter. He asked her to pronounce her name for him and then he called her by name during the exam. He was able to get to her to Smile and laugh during a scary and intimidating process. We would definitely go back if needed."

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