Monday, 21 October 2019
Eye Injury Prevention Month

The American Academy of Ophthalmologists sponsors Eye Injury Prevention Month every October to reinforce the importance of preventing accidents and injury. 
Believe it or not, the average home is full of potential dangers that easily go unnoticed. Accidents involving household products cause 125,000 eye injuries each year, and nearly half of all eye injuries occur in and around the home.  Experts claim that more than 90 percent of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing protective eyewear and taking some simple precautions. Goggles or safety glasses should be worn while doing yard work, using power tools and playing sports. The most effective eyewear should be snug with a wrap-style frame to keep airborne particles from getting behind the lenses. Always be sure to store sharp objects correctly and use them responsibly.  
Your vision is irreplaceable, so treat it with care. Eye injury risk increases with factors such as being rushed, feeling tired, performing an unfamiliar task or being distracted. Protecting your eyes from injury is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your vision healthy throughout your life. 

(Source: Get Eye Smart). 

Posted on 10/21/2019 12:32 PM by Kayla Patt
Thursday, 3 October 2019
Leaders in Retina
Dr. Carl Awh has been named President-Elect of the American Society of Retina Specialists, the largest organization of retina specialists in the world. Dr. Awh has been a member of the board of directors of the ASRS since 2004 and a member of its Executive Committee since 2012.
Posted on 10/03/2019 4:13 PM by Kayla Patt
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