Monday, 25 April 2022
WSJ: The RIsks of Ignoring Signs of Retinal Damage

Tennessee Retina is dedicated to saving sight. Retinal detachment symptoms may be subtle, but it's very important to take note of them when they occur.  Ignoring signs or symptoms can lead to vision loss. Read this informative article about retinal detachments, featuring one of our RCA colleagues at Vitreoretinal Consultants in New York,  Dr. Philip Ferrone. In this article Dr. Ferrone and other specialists share some important information regarding the risks of ignoring signs of a retinal detachment. Retinal detachment symptoms may be subtle, but it's very important to take note of them when they occur. Early symptoms of a retinal detachment may begin with a few dark spots or wavy lines in your field of vision and even flashes of light. These symptoms are painless and may seem non urgent but if you experience any of these symptoms it could be an indication for a retinal tear which could lead to a detachment. If the tear is left untreated, this could lead to permanent damage loss. Read more about the risks in this interesting article in the Wall Street Journal featuring our RCA colleague, Dr. Philip Ferrone. 


Posted on 04/25/2022 1:55 PM by Joanna Reasoner
Monday, 11 April 2022
Protecting the Good Eye

Eye protection is very important especially when you only have one eye that has good vision. Protective eye wear is one way to protect your eyes while playing sports or even performing chores at home. The importance of eye safety gear is crucial when you only have one eye with good vision.

There are also more ways to protect your eyes other than just physical protective eye gear.

  •  A good, healthy diet is also a great way to help your eye health, including a healthy retina. A diet including colorful vegetables and leafy greens are just a couple examples of some good food items to add to your diet.
  •  Smoking can be very harmful to the health of your eyes. It is important to try and refrain from smoking to help keep your eyes healthy.
  •  Regular eye exams are also a great way to protect yourself from vision loss. Regular, dilated eye exams are important to check the back of your eye for the possibility of any new changes that may be asymptomatic to you.

 As part of Healthy Vision Month this April, do all that you can to protect your vision!

For more information about retinal diseases please visit: Retina > Our Services (

Posted on 04/11/2022 11:16 AM by Joanna Reasoner
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