Our Physicians

Tennessee Retina Physicians

From Back Left- Dr. Eric W. Schneider, Dr. David A. Reichstein, Dr. Brandon G. Busbee,
Dr. Carl C. Awh, Dr. R. Trent Wallace; Front- Dr. Franco M. Recchia, Dr. Kenneth P. Moffat,
Dr. Gary S. Gutow (founding partner, retired), Dr. Peter L. Sonkin, Dr. Everton L. Arrindell

Tennessee Retina physicians are dedicated to providing each patient with compassionate, state-of-the-art care in a patient-friendly environment. Our experienced physicians have completed their training in the most prestigious ophthalmology and retina training programs in the world.

"I have been going to Tennessee Retina for over a year on a monthly basis. I have found this medical facility to be the most organized and efficiently run medical facility that I have ever visited.

Needless to say, the Professional Medical providers are second to none."

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