Monday, 10 April 2023
What Does a B Scan Ocular Ultrasound Capture and Why is it Necessary?

Going to the doctor can be a stressful event for the patient, and over the past few months, we have tried to ease to your worries by sharing information about some of the common testing performed in our office.  We are on our last series of blog posts explaining possible imaging that might occur while you are at the office and why. During the exam there may be additional testing ordered, in addition to the physical exam performed by the doctor.  This month we are explaining B Scan Ocular Ultrasounds.

What is a B Scan Ocular Ultrasound?

A B-Scan Ocular Ultrasound is used to illustrate a view of your eye by using echoes to produce a bright, detailed image. The ultrasound is a very simple procedure performed to capture a detailed photo of the posterior(the back) portion of your eye. This test may be performed when the view to the back of the eye is obscured or to measure and monitor growth of a lesion. The ultrasound will be performed by our physicians with the assistance of a technician. The doctor will put a lubricant on the probe and ask you to close your eye. This test typically is done on the top of your eyelid. This is not a painful procedure, but you will feel slight pressure on your lid as the doctor takes pictures of different locations of interest. During the scan the doctor will ask you to look in different areas to make sure he captures a detailed photo of the territory that needs to be obtained.