For Oncology Patients

Many patients see our team and do not receive a diagnosis of any type of cancer.  "Suspicious" spots are sometimes benign (non-cancerous or potentially pre-cancerous), while others are, in fact, malignant (cancerous).

What should you expect for your first visit?
Patients are usually referred to our office by another healthcare professional, such as an eye doctor or primary care doctor. Our Ocular Oncology team will work with you and your other physicians throughout your care.

  • Complete your Registration Forms
  • A Tennessee Retina Oncology Coordinator may contact you prior to your appointment to go over any special instructions or needs based on the information we received from your other doctor(s).
  • There may be additional insurance authorizations that our staff will help you manage.
  • Due to the complexity of some diagnoses, your initial evaluation and diagnostic testing can last up to 4 hours.

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