Monday, 06 August 2018
Dr. Awh presented the results of the Phase 2 LADDER clinical trial at the 36th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists in Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 25, 2018. Tennessee Retina was a clinical trial site in LADDER, which evaluated a small implant that releases ranibizumab (Lucentis®) into the eye over many months, potentially eliminating the need for monthly eye injections. Click the weblink below for more information about this exciting new treatment. Tennessee Retina has been selected as a site for the final, Phase 3 clinical trial, which will begin later this year.
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Monday, 25 June 2018

Healthline recently published an article on Coats' Disease, a rare, pediatric eye condition. Tennessee Retina pediatric retina specialist, Franco Recchia, MD, shares his expertise.

Read the article from Healthline® here.

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Monday, 07 May 2018

The TNR Walk Team walked to raise money for th12th Annual Visionwalk. The Foundation Fighting Blindness Walk raised more than $43,000 to aid in research for dibilitating eye diseases.

The day was rainy but great.... check it out here...

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tennessee Retina Expanding Its Service for Greater Cookeville!

Tennessee Retina is pleased to announce plans to expand its services for Cookeville and its neighboring areas, including Crossville, Fairfield Glade, Smithville, Sparta and Pleasant Hill! Tennessee Retina plans to open a new office space, currently under construction.  The new 3,600+ square-foot facility, located in the Eye Institute of Cookeville building, will encompass state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment capabilities, minimizing the need for patients to travel great distances for treatment. The office is scheduled to open by Early March.

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Monday, 23 October 2017

What does that have to do with diabetes? A lot actually – diabetes is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness among adults here in the U.S. 

Over time, high blood sugar levels from diabetes can lead to damage of the retina, the layer on the back of the eye that captures images and sends them to the brain.

Eye damage can be occurring without any initial symptoms! That is why it is so important for people with diabetes to get regular eye examinations and catch problems before serious retinal changes occur.

Courtesy of The American Diabetes Association


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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tennessee Retina congratulates Dr. Carl Awh on his induction into the inaugural class of the Retina Hall of Fame! 

The Retina Hall of Fame honors individuals throughout time who have contributed to the subspecialty of retina, recognizing lifetime achievements and contributions in vitreoretinal treatments, surgical concepts and instrumentation, research and education. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

Read more about Dr. Awh and all of the superb physicians of Tennessee Retina here. Tennessee Retina Physicians

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Tennessee Retina wants you to enjoy viewing August’s Total Solar Eclipse safely!  Viewing the Sun’s harmful rays can cause solar retinopathy, causing blurry vision or even vision loss. The ASRS (American Society of Retina Specialists) has released important information on how to safely view the big event. “Don’t Get Burned” - Check it out here.

Source from

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Friday, 26 May 2017

The Tennessee Retina Team enjoyed our 6th year as a Community Partner for the 2017 VisionWalk with the Foundation Fighting Blindness. It was a rainy but fun day, and we are so glad to be able to support this cause.

Let’s cure blindness together!  Help us save and restore sight to the 10 million Americans living in darkness.

Our team walks to find a cure for our patients.  Every day, we see the struggles of living life with limited vision.  We want the best for our patients, and the best is a cure!

Support our team and help bring us closer to a cure because a Cure is in Sight!

By the end of the walk, they raised almost $47,000 putting them at 78% of their goal! There is still plenty of time to get donations in to help us reach that goal!  All money turned in by June 30 will help them reach their goal of $60,000.


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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tennessee Retina is pleased to announce its new office in Franklin, TN, serving Franklin and its surrounding areas, including Cool Springs, Fairview, Thompson Station, College Grove, Arrington and Nolensville.

The new 3,900+ square-foot facility, located in the Physicians Plaza by Williamson Medical Center, includes state of the art diagnostic and treatment capabilities and provides the surrounding areas convenient access to some of the most highly trained retina experts in the nation. 

Visit Tennessee Retina’s new Franklin Office at 100 Covey Drive, #107 by requesting an appointment here, or call our office for more information at (615) 983-6000.


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Tuesday, 08 November 2016

Team Tennessee Retina took to the streets once more for the 2016 Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes®

We walk in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes® because today diabetes will claim 200 lives and the vision of thousands.  We walk because our family and friends are among the nearly 30 million adults and children in the United States who have diabetes. We walk because we care about our employees, our patients and our community.

Our lives are touched by diabetes and chances are your life is, too. You can make a difference and help those who face the daily challenges of diabetes by joining our team.

Take Charge. Inspire Others. That's What WE'RE About. GO Team Tennessee Retina!

YOU are what our team needs.

  • You make others aware of this devastating disease.
  • You advocate for a child discriminated against in school because of diabetes.
  • You fund life-saving and vision saving research.
  • You provide access to helpful programs and resources that allow those living with diabetes to live well.

You Can See How Our Team Did & Still Donate to This Cause -

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Monday, 03 October 2016

We are honored that Ocular Surgery News named 3 of our physicians in their top 150 Retina Innovators in the world!

"What is OSN's Retina 150? The OSN Retina 150 is a select group of retina specialists the editors and publisher have identified as leading innovators in the field of medical and surgical retina. The list is a compilation of specialists who either work to educate their colleagues or innovate by developing novel technologies and techniques to advance the specialty."

We congratulate Carl C. Awh, MD, Brandon Busbee, MD, and Franco M. Recchia, MD.

You can see the list and read the full article here: OSN's Retina 150

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Excerpt from a recent Abstract...

Purpose of review: Primary vitreoretinal lymphoma (PVRL) is a subset of primary central nervous system lymphoma in which disease primarily affects the uvea, retina, vitreous and optic nerve. This review discusses recent efforts to clarify the disease's pathogenesis, its diagnosis and its optimal treatment.

Recent findings: PVRL typically masquerades as a chronic intermediate uveitis in older individuals. Unambiguous diagnosis requires cytologic demonstration of malignant cells in a vitreous or chorioretinal specimen. However, cytokine analysis demonstrating increased interleukin 10 (IL 10) levels or increased IL-10:IL-6 ratio in the aqueous or vitreous, flow cytometry demonstrating a monoclonal cell population, molecular analysis demonstrating gene rearrangements or translocations or combinations of several techniques can be used effectively to aid in diagnosis. Treatment is aimed at eradication of disease within the eyes and prevention of central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma. Whether this should be done with local therapy alone (globe irradiation or intravitreal chemotherapy such as methotrexate or rituximab), or with systemic chemotherapy remains a source of debate. Even with high-dose systemic chemotherapy, CNS disease is prone to recurrence and has a poor prognosis.

Summary: New techniques and innovative treatment strategies may streamline time to definitive diagnosis and may lead to prolonged survival with better vision in patients with PVRL.

Find David Reichstein's full article at

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tennessee Retina is proud to announce on-site interpreter services for our Spanish-speaking patients and referring physicians.  A full-time, Certified Medical Interpreter is now on staff at Tennessee Retina to assist with scheduling, examination and billing services.  By phone or in the office, our interpreter services eliminate the hassles that come with using an outside service and offer the freedom of easy communication essential to quality patient care.

To Ask a Question or Set Up an Appointment - Contact Us Here

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tennessee Retina is a proud community partner of the 10th Annual Nashville VisionWalk, raising over $1400  for the event.  The VisionWalk is hosted by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the world's leading private source for retinal disease research funding. Walkers from around the area walked to raise money for the foundation. See all the fun at

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Thursday, 21 April 2016
On January 6, 2016, Dr. Carl Awh was granted a US Patent for an "Atraumatic Microsurgical Forceps".  This describes a surgical instrument developed by and used routinely in surgery by Dr. Awh.  The "Nanotapered Awh Forceps" is used by vitreoretinal surgeons around the world.  This is Dr. Awh's 8th US Patent.
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Friday, 26 February 2016

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recognized Dr. Brandon Busbee with the distinction of "Best Paper" for the 2015 Annual Academy Meeting.  Dr. Busbee's presentation discusses findings which suggest that subretinal fluid related to macular degeneration may have protective qualities against macular atrophy. Click here to watch Dr. Busbee's presentation, "Subretinal Fluid and the Development of Macular Atrophy in Neovascular AMD Treated With Ranibizumab in HARBOR"

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Monday, 05 October 2015
Congratulations to Dr. Carl Awh and Dr. Brandon Busbee for being recognized by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) for the Senior Achievement Award. This honor is given in recognition of outstanding service to the Academy, whose mission is to provide the best possible care for patients.
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Thursday, 03 September 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Moffat for completing the Iron Man Triathalon in Muskoka on August 30th!

The 2.4 -mile, one-loop swim takes place in Peninsula Lake. The 112-mile bike course circles Lake of Bays, passing through the small communities of Dwight, Dorset, and Baysville. The 26.2 -mile run will take you through Muskoka County, downtown Huntsville past pink granite rock and cascading waterfalls.

Originally from:

See event video on the Iron Man site at


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Friday, 17 July 2015

This report describes the case of a 21-year-old heroin user who presented with a 6-day history of decreased vision in her right eye, preceded by 1 week of headache and tender scalp nodules, neck stiffness, and photophobia. A broad infectious workup for acute vision loss was completed, and she was ultimately presumed to have acquired toxoplasmic chorioretinitis (ocular toxoplasmosis). We review the initial workup for chorioretinitis, and the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of ocular toxoplasmosis. Intravenous drug users may be at increased risk of acquired ocular toxoplasmosis.

Read the full article Co-authored by Dr. David Reichstein in the WMJ at

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

ABSTRACT - Purpose of review: Radiation retinopathy remains a devastating cause of visual morbidity in patients undergoing radiation for globe, orbit, and head and neck malignancies. This review discusses the recent efforts of several authors to treat radiation retinopathy once it has developed and efforts to prevent its development with early aggressive management.

Recent findings: Intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor agents and intravitreal steroid agents have been used to successfully treat radiation-induced macular edema and neovascular events secondary to radiation retinopathy. The visual outcomes, however, have varied. Recent work has been directed towards prevention of radiation retinopathy prior to its development. This has been done with preventive scatter laser and intravitreal bevacizumab therapy. Effective customization of radiation dose to the tumor has also reduced some collateral radiation damage. Preventive vitrectomy and silicone oil placement at the time of plaque brachytherapy may shield normal ocular structures from radiation injury.

Summary: Radiation retinopathy remains a major source of visual morbidity following radiotherapy for malignancies. Promising, albeit unproven, new therapies and preventive efforts may ameliorate the negative visual outcomes.

The full article by Dr. David Reichstein can be found at

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