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Our Specialists

Akshay S. Thomas, M.D., M.S.    

Dr. Thomas has a particular interest with all forms of ocular inflammatory diseases; including all forms of uveitis, scleritis, and orbital inflammation. Dr. Thomas completed a second fellowship in Uveitis and Clinical Ocular Immunology at the Casey Eye Institute.


Uveitis Coordinators

Lish McNeill, OSC       Meredith Parker, OSC Alexis Jones, OSC, COT









What Is Uveitis?

Uveitis is a condition characterized by inflammation in the eye. Such inflammation may be caused by autoimmune conditions or infections affecting the entire body or isolated to the eye. Uveitis may involve one or both eyes and can affect any part of the eye. Tennessee Retina Serves as a tertiary Referral center for complex cases of uveitis.


"Dr. Wallace is very kind and really knows his stuff! He explained my eye situation in way that was easy to understand. He performed laser procedure and had me in and out very quickly! Highly recommend!!" 

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