Nashville Construction

Nashville  Expansion  Project

Phase 1 - Creating the new admin space

Demolition of the new area to make the old space into new. 



Walls going up in the new space. 


Construction on the new space in our Nashville location is almost finished!  As furniture is being installed, the new expansion of the Nashville location will be ready for work very soon.  













The new admin space is ready to be used.














Phase 2 - Remodel space for Research

Now that work has shifted to the new space, the old admin space can begin preparations for remodel. The remodel will give research staff and patients a new, expanded area.











The new research space is continuing renovations. 


The research space is almost finished. 


"From Dr Wallace through the least senior employee at this office patients are treated exactly how anybody could ever wish to be treated at a doctor's office!!! I believe the staff is well led by a doctor who shines in his approach to service and respect of his patients!!! The bar is set high here and I’m sure Dr Wallace wouldn’t accept it ever being lowered. Kudos to you and your team Dr Wallace!!!"

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